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Athena (var.2) chords read and play online

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 00:37:14 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CRD: Athena by: Who

By The Who
From It's Hard, 1982
Written by Pete Townshend

A5      x02255
E/D     xx0454 or xx0100 (bridge)
G5      xx0033
E       xx6454
Dii     xx4232
Dmaj9   xx0220 or xx0655 or xx09 10 9
Dmaj7   xx0222 or xx0675 (F#m/D)
D6      xx0202

[intro]                    2
 A5/|| A5    | (A5)     A5/||

      [acoust]                           2
    || G D G D G D G D | G D G D G D G D ||
    ||[elec]           |                 ||
  G/|| G5              | (12fr harm.G&B) ||

 A5  E  Dii       E              A5        E
Athena, I had no idea how ...
   Dii              E                    A5         E
In peaceful times I hold ...
   Dii                  E                    A               E
My heart starts palpitating ...
                 Dii        E
But I think ....

             G D G D...(as above)
She's just a girl....

Athena, all I ever want to do is ......


       A            D  E   E/D
Just a girl, ...
       A            D  E   E/D
Just a ...
       A            D  E   E/D
Just a girl,....
             A    D
She's just .....

Athena, my heart felt like a ....

She's just a girl, .....

Consumed, there was a beautiful white ho....

She's just a girl, she's .....

Just a girl...

             A/C#  D
She's just ....

A5  | G   | D     | E/D |

Dmaj9   D | Dmaj7   D   | E/D  D6 |  E/D   D6  |

|Dmaj9         D       | Dmaj7
 Look into the ...
        D          | E/D               D    | E/D      D  |
Measure how long you smiled....
E/D            D        | E/D D|E/D            D        | E/D    D |
How long would children remain, how ....

Athena, you picked me up by .....

I didn't mean that....

Athena, I had no idea .....
She's just a girl...
            [acoust]                           2
          || G D G D G       | G D G D G       ||
          ||[elec]           |                 ||
        G/|| G5------*       | G5------*       ||
            [note: elec. should sustain until *]


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